General Questions About TranslationsDeal.com

What Is TranslationsDeal? What's in It for Me?

TranslationsDeal has become one of the internet’s top translation services run by professionals. The service is open 24/7 and offers high-quality, and fast human translations. We work with individuals, schools, businesses, and other organizations from around the world. When they need translation services, they simply post a detail listing on our website

How Can I find Employment As a Translator?

Here at TranslationsDeal we offer opportunities for those looking to earn money by simply using their own language skills. By using these skills those who are employed will be providing high quality translations services at a professional level. Once you are in our database you will be given the title of “Freelance Translator”. From that point you will be alerted automatically when a translation Project that matches your skills is available. At that point you will be the one to decide if you want to take the Project or not.

As one of our freelance translators, you will also be able to choose the Projects you are qualified to complete from the list of Available Projects in your profile and submit a bid.

Am I Guaranteed Work?

The good news is that we currently have plenty of work. Even better, our company is growing while the world is getting smaller. Companies that would have never considered going international in the past are now making that leap. This means translation is an exciting, growing field.

The bad news is that we have no way of guaranteeing that there are Projects involving the languages you speak and write or the industries in which you are experienced. We also cannot guarantee that clients will accept your bids.

You can help to improve your marketability by doing consistently quality work and meeting established deadlines. We also recommend that all translators expand their skill sets by learning new languages, increasing their cultural understanding of relevant regions, and earning professional certification.

Do I Need to Be Experienced?

As a general rule, there are more jobs available for experienced translators. However, we do have quite a few jobs at any given time for entry level translators. To prove that you have developed the knowledge and understanding to do the work assigned you will be required:

  • To pass a grammar test in the languages you indicated in your profile;
  • To submit a writing sample in the industry you are proficient;
  • To provide other information (optionally).
I am Multilingual. Can I Get Paid to Translate And Interpret Many Languages?

Yes, TranslationsDeal  members can add multiple languages to their translators’ profiles and pursue a variety of translation jobs.

Are There Plans to Add Any New Languages in the Future?

Our plans to add more languages to our database will come based on our customers’ needs as well as the availability of the translators who are appropriate for those languages. If you have the skills needed to translate for a language that is not currently listed in our database, please contact us and we will take the time to add it to our list of offered languages.

My Question Is Not Answered in Your FAQs. What Can I Do to Get My Answer?

If we do not have the answer in our FAQ please take the time to contact us. We will answer the question to the best of our abilities within 2 business days.

The registration process

What Are The Requirements to Become a Translator?

Obviously a translator must speak at least two languages. Just being able to speak the language with high ability is not enough for a TranslationsDeal member to be qualified as a translator. In addition to this, they must be excellent communicators who are interested in other cultures, and who can keep track of a variety of tasks at the same time. Many organizations are required by regulation to only use certified translators. Once you have joined, you will be required to upload a resume and any other professional certificates. You will also be required to pass a grammar based test and a test for industry expertise verifying. 

What Are The Benefits of Joining?

By becoming a partner of TranslationsDeal.com, you get an opportunity to monetize your language skills and industry proficiency as you become able to submit yourself for consideration for as many translation Projects as possible. In addition to this, you may seek out translation work involving as many languages and industries as you are qualified in.

What Will Happen During the Verification Process?

When approving translators to work for us we first look at the following items:

  • Their test results, both grammar and industry translations. We require a minimum score of 80%. The outcome of these tests is added to the outcome of all other scores in order to indicate the translator’s level.
  • The experience and qualifications of the potential translator.

This is used to help us rank our potential translators before they even begin to work with us.

After collaborating, the overall level will include items such as communication and level of responsiveness, the jobs that have been completed in a timely manner, and the level of quality that their translations hold.

How Does the Company Verify the Quality of My Test Translations?

Once you have submitted your test we will immediately send it to our approved reviewers. Your scores are then shown to all of our Support Managers when they begin the selection process for available jobs. Your likelihood of receiving work becomes higher the higher you scored on your test. 

What Types of Projects Will I Work on?

This is truly varied. You might translate business contracts; rewrite websites so that they are meaningful in new locations, interpret medical research documents, or help people translate correspondence and records for genealogy projects. However, this is a very short list. In truth, our clients require translation services spanning multiple languages, industries, and document types.

Getting Started

What Can I Do to Get Started?

From the moment you have been set to an active status, and your level has been applied you will be able to begin reviewing Project listings that are posted on our website. You will also begin to receive notifications for Projects, its turnaround times and the maximum budget for that job through emails and your profile interface. You will be able to click on a link within the listing or in email to post your bid.

What Can Cause My Bids to Not Succeed?

There are some language sets that can be more compatible than others. This can make it harder for translators to receive certain jobs. While we understand that not receiving work can be frustrating we try and alternate the translators we select. We always take the requirements for the Project and the clients’ needs into consideration.

What Happens During the Process of Translating?

When your bid has been accepted you will be sent an email in order to notify you of your access link. Following this link you access the materials needed for the translation, as well as the Project Details will become available under the tag “Dashboard” which is also available in your profile. However if you are not able to take on the Project you have accepted, then you must let the Support Manager know immediately, in order to let the Project be reassigned.

When accepting a Project, make sure you can start immediately, and deliver within the time limit.
The customer will provide their own set of instructions for the Project; make sure you read them carefully.
Make sure to verify the word count before you begin the Project. If there are any issues please contact us quickly.
All translators are expected to treat our customers with respect and professionalism, despite how the customer may behave.
Once the translation is completed you must submit it through the Project page under the tag “Target materials”.

How Long Do I Have to Complete Translations?

TranslationsDeal has a goal to provide customers with high quality translations that are available 24/7 at a high speed pace. Translators are expected to pick up the Projects they are given as soon as they see them. Customers use our services in order to receive a quick result that is why time for the translation is limited. If your translation fails to be submitted within the allotted time frame, then the Project will be opened to other translators. Along with this you will also no longer be able to work on that Project, or receive the payment for doing that Project. Upon your submission of translation the customer may ask for corrections and clarifications on your translation. Once this is completed, you may download finished translation under the tagged “Materials” folder of Project page and to submit the completed work by pressing the “Complete Project” button. After confirming your Project will be considered complete and will be sent to Quality Assurance Department for checking. You will not be able to upload any new materials after that.

What Will Happen If I Exceed My Delivery Time?

We understand that the translations may take longer than we sometimes expect. If you are unable to meet an agreed upon deadline  we recommend you let us know in advance that way we can manage the expectations of our client or reassign the job in order to meet the required date. If you accept a job and it is not completed in the manner we expect, and we are not given any notification our support may apply fines. If you accept a job, but don’t start it, especially if it has a tight delivery frame, we will revoke the Project. Then we will assign it to one of our other translators. This is not a reflection of your work, but rather a necessity during our busiest times, and to meet the delivery times of our clients.

What Should I Do If I Find That There Is a Problem with the Source Content, Or the Already Translated Content?

If you find yourself in the face of any difficulties, you may feel free to create an Issue. However if you are unable to do this, then you may feel free to contact our Support Manager which is conveniently located within the live chat tag in your Project Details page. Once you have notified the Support Manager of your issue, we will then begin to work by keeping in contact with you to ensure that the issue will be resolved.

What Should I Do if I Find Pieces That Are Outside My Areas of Expertise, Such As Legal Terms, Or Medical Papers?

If you are to notice that the assigned task Support Manager as soon as possible.

Will It Be Possible for Me to Speak with a Client Directly?

If you wish to be in contact with the client then you may do so by selecting the tagged Chat option within your Project page.

From there you will receive alerts through your email whenever your client posts comments, or responds to your messages. If you wish to respond to their comments however, you may post said messages to your Project page chat.

It is wise to refrain from contacting the clientele through the use of email services or anything other than the chat in your profile. If you contact the customer through these alternative means we will be unable to monitor your Project, deal with any issues you or the customer may have, or pay you for your additional work.

What if There is a Disagreement With a Client?

We want both our translators and clients to be satisfied. Because of this, we will work hard to help you to resolve any disagreements in a mutually agreeable manner. In case you face disagreement with client, feel free to create an Issue or contact our Support Team in Live Chat.

What Should I Do When I Wish to Submit a Translation?

Once you have completed work on a translation you may upload the file with finished translation or copy and paste the translation text into the “Materials” folder located conveniently in your Project page. Once you have submitted your work and changed the Project status to ‘Completed’, you will be able to track the payment for it within “Waiting for approval” tag in the payments section. Your Projects payment will be added to your account when your Project is accepted by the customer, however it will not arrive any earlier than 2 weeks after the completion of the translation.

Will I Be Allowed to Rewrite an Already Submitted Translation?

If said Project is still listed as ‘in progress’ then you will be allowed to submit whatever updates you have for the translation, as long as you are able to contact the Support Manager via email with information on the updated information. If the Project has already been set to ‘complete’, then you can contact the Support Manager with a request for the Project to be opened once again.

What Should I Do If the Client Is Dissatisfied with the Work?

We understand that cases such as these will happen. When you are faced with such a predicament, than the Project or Projects done will be opened again for our other translators to begin work on. This is the only way we can ensure that our clients are guaranteed against low standard, or fraudulent translators. If you feel as though the disputed translation is good, however there was some form of wrongdoing (such as the client’s parties not acting in good terms) contact us immediately so that we can investigate said issue.

What Can Happen If I Am Unable to Accept the Quality Assessment of the Company?

Our company works to provide our clients and employees with direct access to comments from a Quality Assessment Manager, along with marks of the translations which have not been put up to par. We wish for the process of translating to receive a pass the first time that it goes through. However we understand that there are many ways to correctly translate the text. If you receive our feedback and still believe that your translation is of higher quality, then we will allow for you to receive a second assessment. If your second assessment returns with similar comments or issues than the decision of our quality assessment will be finalized and you will not receive payment for your failed work.

Career Growth

What Confirms My Translator Level?

Your translator’s level will be defined along with a set of outlines based on how you score, this essentially involves the completion of your personal profile, along with the number of Projects you have successfully completed,  completed Projects complexity and urgency, QA evaluation, feedback from clients you have worked with, and a number of other items related to your position.  More detailed information on Career Growth requirements and advantages you can find here.

Our team of higher ranking translators will perform regular checks on jobs located across all of our supported language sets. Any forms of reassessment will include regular spot checks, as well as checking information on timelines based on delivery dates and communication.


When Will I Get Paid?

When you create an account, we will give you specific information on our payment procedures. However, we can state that your paydays will be steady and predictable. This is to ensure that we do not lose talented translators due to cash flow issues.

How Much Will I Get Paid?

The amount of payment you receive depends on the Project. In some cases, there is a maximum Project budget. In others, it is negotiable. Just remember that sometimes you will be submitting bids, so this is a competitive process.

What Are the Terms and Conditions When It Comes to Payment?

We process payments made to the levels known as ‘Junior’, ‘Middle’ and ‘Senior’ translators 2 weeks after completion of the Project from the time that the customer confirms that they are  satisfied with the results of your work. Payments compiled for those given the level of ‘Master’ and ‘Guru’ will be provided at any point in time on demand. As a translator you are required to give us the correct payment information in your profile. There must be at least $50 on your TranslationsDeal balance to process the payment.

We will then send your payment through either PayPal, or a wire transfer. Just be aware that PayPal may deduct certain transaction fees from our payment depending on your account type.

What About Payroll Taxes?

Because this is freelance work, we will not be deducting payroll or other taxes from your check, except where we are required to do so. We are not responsible for calculating your tax liability or for paying that liability. We are also not responsible for any consequences should you fail to pay tax on any income that you make while working for us.

We will submit any documents that we are required to submit to our translators, clients, and any relevant government agencies. None of this should be considered financial advice or legal advice in any way. In fact, we strongly recommend that any freelancers work with qualified tax specialists or a tax attorney.