Kevin Hasner

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My name is Kevin Hasner. I’m almost a lifelong resident of Great Britain. I was born in Edinburgh, but now reside just outside of London. I’m forty years old, recently married, and don’t have any children. I studied German at the University of London. My interest in it was piqued by the time I spent with my German speaking relatives in Hamburg. After receiving that degree, I traveled to the United States on an educational exchange program. There, I took courses to earn my teacher’s certificate. I taught secondary level German and English for two years before moving back to London.

Hobbies And Interests

I am passionate about technology. I have taken many self study courses on app and web design. I’m also a bit nuts about home entertainment systems. My baby is the indoor outdoor audio video system I designed and built myself.

I also enjoy playing soccer, trying out new restaurants, and traveling in Asia, Eastern Europe, and Australia. My work as a teacher gave me a passion for linguistics and education. I mastered Spanish, Mandarin, and Russian over the past 15 years. I’m currently learning Portuguese. My wife is a Brazilian national, and I want to be able to communicate with her family when they visit.

I have a passion for Asian cuisine as well, especially the foods of Thailand, Indonesia, and Vietnam. In fact, the next language I plan to master after Portuguese is Vietnamese. In twenty years, I would love to be retired, and splitting my time between Brazil and Southeast Asia. With brief sojourns to other destinations of course.

Career Path

As mentioned above, my first job was as a teacher. When I returned to London, I worked with a cousin who was expanding his business into Switzerland. Although I did not have any interpretation or translation experience at the time, my cousin was on a shoestring budget. I became the communications liaison. I sat in on meetings and provided interpretation when needed. I translated documents from English to German, and from German to English.

It was a trial by fire to say the least. There were definitely stumbling blocks along the way. However, they got the job done. The business opened successfully, and many new hires were provided with the information and training that they needed.

At the end of the experience, I decided to pursue translation full time. The career choice spoke to my love of language, other cultures, travel, etc. I also realized that I could possibly explore my other interests such as technology and A/V.

I began taking distance learning courses in translation. I am certified by ASETRAD, ATA, and am on the National Register of Public Service Interpreters in the United Kingdom. I also possess the ability to provide affidavits of notarization on a variety of translation projects.

Translation Expertise

Here are the industries and languages in which I am qualified to work as a translator or interpreter. I hope this list will continue to grow.

  • Translations of Personal Documents From Spanish Russian And German to English
  • Website And App Translation And Localization
  • Translation of Technical Manuals
  • Marketing Translations
  • Travel And Tourism Industry Translation
  • Educational Translations
  • Business Document Translation