Love Your Translator

Sep 30, 2018

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Love Your Translator

In honor of the translators, Interpreters, and terminologists, the International Federation of Translators sets 30th September the International Translation Day. The day is celebrated across all United Nation member countries as a way of commemorating translators and fostering peace, connecting and developing member states. The world marks the day through seminars, workshops, and symposiums as a means of paying tribute to the men and women breaking down language barriers across the globe.

What is ITD

The year 2017 was a historic year for all the professional interpreters as the United Nations General Assembly adopted Resolution A/RES/71/288. The move aimed to promote cultural heritage. Cultural heritage includes knowledge, beliefs, people, nature and practices and interaction with the environment. Interaction of the diverse communities encourages intertribal dialogue and the respect of other cities.

The International Federation of Translators selects a theme each year, and the member states celebrate based on the theme. Professional designers are invited to get into a poster competition, and the winning poster is used to promote the event.

Why Celebrate in a Big Way

Most individuals find themselves in a situation that requires a translator; it might be for a business deal, a lawsuit or a cultural diversity. Any language barriers need professional translators. However, how many friends understand the difference between a translator and an interpreter? The International Translation day is meant to raise awareness of the selfless individuals while celebrating the rare profession.

Importance of International Translation Day

Language translation is crucial in today’s global market. To get things done fast and efficiently within the shortest period. English is a universal language, but not everyone can speak it fluently in all situations. People prefer the native language, a study by Common Sense Advisory reports 70% of customers to prefer transacting in their first languages.

Translation helps ideas and information spread across cultures. When translating for business, a qualified human translator will propel your aspirations by ensuring the message is relatable to the customer. The role of the translator can communicate the original message clearly in an equivalent context as the original message.

Communication is a basic need for humans. Through dialogue, we maintain healthy relations across the world, all thanks to professional translators that build good relationships. Translation is not about delivering genuine information in a language the target audience understands. Such a role is not natural, the devil is in the detail, and translators carefully manages the content for quality communication.

In business, there is the need for a fair trading platform. The translator needs to understand the culture and the local language. Understanding one another gives freedom in the exchange of goods leading to global development.  When a single message can be translated into many languages, the higher the possibility of reaching a more diverse crowd. A proper translation of literal or scientific work preserves a favorable climate for productivity.

The world is composed of different cultures having different beliefs and practices. The professional translator role is to promote the diverse cultures across the continents reducing the world into a small place. Now individuals support their culture in international scenes like in beauty pageants.

The international day of translation is celebrated worldwide. Large business, entrepreneurs, individual translators, and government institutions are involved in marking the day. The mode of celebration varies, but the primary objective is on the positive impact the translators have in the community. A good example is the Abu Dhabi Department of Culture and Tourism that celebrated by launching a bookshop with an 80% discount on all books. The move promoted reading habits within the community. Other celebrations may be centered on translating poetry, human rights document into the local language.

International translation day is an excellent opportunity to recognize the essential works carried by the translators. Promote multilingualism to motivate all language professionals that connect worlds. At TranslationDeal, we bridge the gap between languages and make sure the clients get the best that they deserve!