How To Write An Email To Promote Your Translation Services

Jun 01, 2018

Content how to write an email to promote your translation services

You are probably a freelance translator who has been seeking to offer services to clients via email, but you haven't been as successful as you had envisioned before sending out those emails. You are tired of getting not a response when sending out your applications to translation agencies.

Clients may be receiving your emails looking for work and getting annoyed and ending up deleting them because they are uninspired by your pitch.

This article highlights how you can get responses from translation services agencies and clients.

Proposal for Translation Service Templates

Draft a standard template of a proposal for translation services. It will help you save a lot of time when pitching or advertising your services via email. These templates should have the capacity to be adaptable to every agency or job you seek. The best way of creating a harmonious template that will be acceptable for all is to get a proposal example for translation service or a translation proposal sample from one of the accomplished translators who has been relatively successful at using email translation service.

Cover Letter

If you are emailing a translation agency, it is prudent to have a sample cover letter for translation job.

The body of the email should stay between 120 and 180 words. A cover email that is too short gives a wrong impression that the quality of your work as a translator is poor. Again, it implies that you are ineffective and unconscionable. If you don't sell yourself right in the cover letter, the one reading your email will have no interest in reading your email. They will move on to the next one.

For cover letter translation no experience is required.

You need always to remember that this client or the agency head or the project manager doesn't know you. It is up to you to motivate them to take an interest in you and your work.

In your cover letter indicating your relevant qualification, experience, and specialization as a translator especially if you are seeking a specific job. In the subject line, please ensure you have indicated your language combination. Also, mention your rates. It is also essential to include your contact information which can be best put just below your name in the signature.

Information That Makes the Translation Project Clients Like You

  • Having a recommendation letter for a translator
  • Indicating membership of professional associations for translation services
  • Being engaged elsewhere with the translation project client professionally on social media.
  • Inserting a link to some your best reviews and online presence
  • Promptly respond as soon as they have written back to you.
  • Being grateful to the client for their time
  • Being entirely truthful about the services you can offer
  • Writing to them by their correctly spelled names. Avoid using the old fashioned ‚ÄúDear Sir/Madam."

What Else Should You Include?

  • Indicate that your work samples, copies of your certificates and references are available
  • State that you are ready to work even on weekends. Consider surcharging for that as per the guided translation surcharges
  • Refer to the rates that you are offering as standard rates. The implication is that you are flexible depending on the difficulty, format, and size of the project.
  • Indicate that the translation rates on offer are job dependent. Each job is supposed to be independently quoted. It gives you the allowance to increase or lower the price.
  • Avoid using bullet points to make the email more compact especially for advertised jobs that are very specific
  • At the tail end, use a question to elicit a prompt response
  • If your rates are negotiable, qualify it by stating the volume.
  • Avoid writing too much. For instance, you want to write a letter in Spanish translation. Brevity will get things done. No one reads long messages.
  • Avoid offering to do free tests
  • Do not include work experience that is irrelevant to the task.

In summary, I have offered some recommendations on how to get the attention of translation clients and agency managers to via email. It may result in swifter responses to your offers and even more work for you.