Efficiently Using LinkedIn to Find Translation Clients

Oct 15, 2018

Content efficiently using linkedin to find translation clients

Fill in your profile

If you have no idea how to list freelance work on LinkedIn, you should start by creating your profile. First of all, you should come up with a profile headline, which will be displayed in the search results.

It should contain keywords and shouldn’t be longer than 120 characters. “Freelance Interpreter | Translator Spanish -English” is an example of a good headline.

You should also write a short bio in the first person. You should list your basic professional skills, major accomplishments, and awards. And don’t forget to add a call to action at the end of the bio to encourage visitors to contact you.

Showcase your skills and experience

You should fill in Skills & Endorsement section choosing all suitable tags. If you add only one tag – Translation, you will lower your chances to find translation jobs.

You should list all specific skills related to your past experience including medical, finance, legal, machine or any other types of translation. Also, it’s important to mention all the languages you speak.

Next step is to create a job history and optimize it using suitable keywords. This part of LinkedIn’s profile is pretty similar to an ordinary CV.

Add profile picture

You should also add your current photo to your profile because it gives you credibility. Your clients want to see how looks like a person, who will provide translation services. An appropriate picture helps to ensure that the profile belongs to a real person, not a scammer.

Keep in mind that you should take a photo, at which you will be dressed professionally. Also, you should pick a headshot, because profile photo on LinkedIn is pretty small. If you will upload a full-length body shot, it’s unlikely that LinkedIn users will be able to recognize your face.

Receive recommendations

This is probably one of the best tools on LinkedIn, which helps to find translation jobs. You can send out requests to your past clients, co-workers, and previous employers asking them to leave a comment on your profile. Recommendations related to your skills and experience will help you to build trust in a relationship with your potential clients.

Create content

If you wonder how to list freelance work on LinkedIn, take a look at profiles of other professionals in your field. Most of them produce and publish informative content related to translation services.

You should also write interesting articles or create engaging visual content and post it on your LinkedIn profile. This is a great way to grab the attention of your potential clients and prove your high level of expertise.

Take part in groups and discussions

If you want to find translation jobs on LinkedIn, you should actively participate in groups and discussions related to your niche. Whether you are a book translator or technical translator, you should find groups, at which your potential customers take part. For example, you can join such groups as International Research Journal & Book Publisher or Challenges in Electric Power & Energy Systems.

Checks jobs available

Probably, the easiest way to find translation jobs is to visit Jobs Page or utilize LinkedIn Job Search app. Many companies use LinkedIn as a job board, so you should monitor updates regularly. You can subscribe to email alerts for new job postings, which match your qualification as well as personal interests.

Summarily, when you know how to get clients through LinkedIn, you have more opportunities to take part in an interesting translation project and earn more money. So, don’t hesitate to start using your LinkedIn profile more actively to boost job search success.