Common Sense Ways to Use Your Language Skills to Make Money

Nov 22, 2017

Content common sense ways to use your language skills to make money

Do you wake up on Sunday mornings jonesing for the New York Times crossword puzzle? Do you have a list of languages to master that you’re working your way through? Maybe you have a blog, or you’re gearing up to participate in NaNoWriMo in a few days. If any of this sounds familiar,  you have a talent for language. Combine that with motivation and a desire to earn money online without investment, and you are the perfect candidate for some great opportunities.

Folks with great language skills are well-positioned to earn money both online and off. If you’re interested in how to earn money from home, keep reading.

Work as a Freelance Translator

Yes, this may seem like an obvious solution to your need to make money, but it is still worth a mention. A job as a freelance translator can be both lucrative and rewarding. You can enjoy all of the perks of working from home, and create a steady stream of income for yourself if you are motivated.

Translators are needed to help both businesses and individuals. If you are also experienced in industries such as travel, technology, or government, you skills may be in even more demand.

Create a Language App or Tutorial

Another option is to earn money with online apps. If you’ve got coding skills, and a great idea you can create an app. Your options include language and phonics games, vocabulary builders, small translation apps for travelers, and more.

You can also channel your inner teacher as well. Consider creating an online tutorial for those interested in learning a new language. You can focus on in depth study of a language, or aim for the tourist audience who just wants to pick up keywords and phrases.

Whether you choose an app or tutorial, there are many ways to make money from it. You can, of course, charge a fee for downloading your app when you place it on the app store. You can also monetize it through in app advertising.

Tutor High School And College Students in Your Mastered Languages

It’s becoming more and more common place for high schools to insist that students earn at least a year of foreign language credits to graduate. Many students are taking this a step further and taking foreign language every year. Some are even continuing their studies into college.

Like any other subject, many will need help in order to succeed. This means another opportunity for you. Academic tutors make quite a bit of money. In some cases, that can exceed twenty dollars an hour. Speak to local schools and colleges. Post your availability online. It shouldn’t take long to build a list of clients.

Write a Book

What better way to indulge your love of words and earn some money than writing a book? If you’re worried that it’s a long shot, don’t be. Earning money as a writer isn’t a big dream that few reach. Sure, you  may not write the epic novel that gets turned into a movie, but there’s a big market in niche publishing.

Consider Amazon. They have dozens of categories and subcategories of books and ebooks. Is it hard to get much attention if you write a romance novel? Of course it is. But, if you write a travel guide for English speakers visiting Portugal, you’re much more likely to find an audience. The key is to find a very specific topic that has a small but dedicated audience.

Even better, once you’ve written your novel,  you can translate it into another languages. This broadens your potential audience significantly.

Teach an ESL Class

This is a great way to earn some side money and help members of your community. When they first move to a new country, one of the key challenges that immigrants face is learning a new language. Fortunately, many community centers, colleges, universities, school districts, and other organizations offer ESL classes. As a tutor, you will play a key role in helping students develop this skill.


Whether you earn money online by translating documents, writing, or teaching, there are many ways to use your language skills to make money. Remember, your skills are now more in demand than ever.