Proofreading Specialists – Academic and Technical from French (Canadian) to English (US)

Proofreading Specialists – Academic and Technical Niches is a translation agency that specializes in translations, certified and notarized translations of official documents, business localization needs, and proofreading of translated materials.

Our clients are from widely diversified personal, professional and business niches, and we provide services in over 100 languages. In all cases, our translators are natives of the target language and have demonstrated fluency in at least one other language. We assign projects based upon these two language proficiencies.

In the course of our work with clients, we often receive requests for additional proofreading once a translation has been completed or for proofreading of documents they have already had translated by someone else. Thus, we have a need for translators who are also willing to act as proofreaders.

Position Description – Academic and Technical Proofreaders

The academic community is one of the most global communities we have today. Research is conducted in every academic field, and that research is shared with similar academic communities all over the globe. Much of this sharing occurs in academic and technical journals, all of which must be translated into native languages. And because of the scientific and technical nature of such translations, proofreading is almost always a required additional task.

Currently, we have requests for proofreading in a large number of academic and technical areas. A current example is an article of medical research on a new optical surgery procedure for macular degeneration, that has been translated from German to English. The article has been translated but must now be proofread by a skilled translator who did not complete the initial translation.

Roles and Responsibilities for the Project

  • Ability to translate medical terminology and vocabulary accurately
  • Attention to minute detail
  • Skill in verbal and written communication in both the original and target languages
  • Willingness to hold discussions with the client author, via phone, email, and chat
  • Working collegiality with the original translator, if that translator is also a member of the team
  • Provide regular reporting to the client of changes that are made with justification for those changes
  • Meet deadline parameters of the client, without exception

Educational/Experiential Background

A medical proofreader must have the following background:

  • A university degree in a medically-related field – nursing, medical technology, etc.
  • Employment experience in a medical field or the equivalent of a graduate degree
  • Native language expertise, especially in medical terminology and statistics
  • Extreme proficiency in the original language, as determined by agency examination

Typical Projects for Our Academic and Technical Niches

In addition to the medical field, we have projects in many other niches. Sample tasks include:

  • Proofreading professional journal articles that have been translated, prior to publication in the target language journal
  • Proofreading educational and training coursework prior to course offerings in the target language
  • Proofreading research reports and presentations that will be either published in printed materials or presented at conferences, workshops, and seminars.

Income Reporting pays its contracted freelance proofreaders by the project. They are considered outside contractors and, as such, receive the entire amount of the agreed-upon fee. It is up to each contractor to understand the tax laws in his/her country and to abide by those tax laws in terms of income reporting and making payment.

Application Process

We invite anyone with expertise in their native and at least one other language, with the appropriate niche-related educational and work background, to apply for proofreading positions with us. the application process is straightforward and will involve producing required documents and completing an examination which we provide.

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