INIS certified translatorsfrom Spanish (Latin-America) to English (US)

Translation Deal has positions available for native Irish speakers who have specific knowledge of the documents and requirements for those wishing to emigrate to Ireland on a temporary or permanent basis, or those who wish to establish the right to work in Ireland.

The INIS or Irish Naturalization and Immigration Service is the government organization that is in charge of immigration, Visas, asylum, visiting students, and repatriation. They establish the rules relating to each of these areas as well as the standards that any related documents must adhere to.

If you are a native Irish speaker, and have work experience and skills that qualify you to perform certified translations that will be accepted by the Irish Naturalization and Immigration Service, please keep reading. We have many opportunities for both freelancers interested in full time or part time work.


First and foremost, you must be on the list of approved translators that has been established by the Irish Naturalization and Immigration Service. As you likely know, they will not accept documents from translators who do not meet their approval.

You must also know the specific elements that must be included in the affidavit of certification that must accompany documents such as renouncement of citizenship, student visa applications, or requests for asylum. In order to certify these documents as accurate and acceptable, you must possess one of the following qualifications:

  • Chartered Accountant
  • Notary
  • Solicitor
  • Administrator of Religion
  • Commissioner of Oaths
  • An Associate of the Organization That Issued The Original Document

Of course, our standard requirements for INIS certified translation positions still apply. gives very strong preference to native speakers. We also require that you submit to a background check, and provide samples that prove language mastery in writing and in oral communication.

We also prefer that applicants have post secondary education or training. Because immigration and citizenship documents are legal documents, we prefer that translators have education and experience that is relevant to that. In fact, many of our certified translators have backgrounds as legal clerks or have worked in other similar positions.

Skills Required

Translation Deal is interested in hiring INIS certified translators with a strong dedication to customer service, great communications skills, and an understanding of INIS regulations. We need translators who can provide grammatically correct and accurate translation of various legal documents required to establish citizenship, apply for asylum, or request permission to work in Ireland, along with other documents.

Translators should have an eye for detail and be dedicated to accuracy and meeting high quality standards. Many documents required by the INIS are time sensitive, and clients need to be ensured that the documents they need to live, work, or seek asylum in Ireland are not rejected due to inaccuracies.


If you feel as if you meet the qualifications to work as a certified INIS translator and to certify translations of citizenship and other documents, please click on the button to submit an application. We are always interested in adding qualified translators to our team.

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