English to Spanish Proofreadersfrom English (UK) to Spanish

TranslationDeal is in the market for detail oriented individuals to work as proofreaders on a variety of English to Spanish translation projects.

Help! We have an extremely high demand for English to Spanish translations. This is due to several factors including:

  • The need for businesses in both English and Spanish speaking countries to communicate with Spanish speaking customers and associates
  • The increasing numbers of Spanish speaking students attending school in English speaking countries
  • The desire to market and sell software, games, and apps that were originally created for English speaking audiences to new Spanish speaking audiences
  • Increasing demands on government officials to effectively translate documents from English into Spanish

Translation needs include, but are not limited to contracts and legal documents, textbooks, website content, marketing materials, safety manuals, employee documentation, citizenship documents, technical specifications, and audio and video content.

We provide translation services for a variety of industries. These include manufacturing and industrial, legal, education, personal, technical, and more.

As the need for English to Spanish translators continues to grow, so does our need for those who are qualified to proofread these documents. If you are a native Spanish speaker who is also fluent in English, keep reading. You may qualify to work as a proofreader.


English to Spanish proofreaders have the responsibility to ensure that all translated documents are correct. This includes checking documents for errors in spelling and grammar. However, that’s not all. We need proofreaders with a great eye for detail, and the ability to ensure that documents are accurate in addition to being free from writing errors.

For example, we receive many requests to translate web content from English to Spanish. As a proofreader, you help us to provide assurance to our clients that the translated content meets the following standards:

  • 100% free of any embarrassing spelling, grammar, and mechanical mistakes
  • That it meets all standards established by any relevant government agencies or professional organizations
  • That the translated document is an accurate copy of the original document
  • That the same meaning and messaging intended by the creator of the original document remains intact in the translation

Depending on the specific nature of a particular translation project, we may have other requirements. For example, we may require that potential hires have specific experience related to a particular industry. We may also require certification for other projects, or that translators come from specific Spanish speaking countries or regions within those countries. Many proofreading assignments require that applicants have a college degree.

Skills Needed

English to Spanish proofreaders must meet all of the skills requirements that our translators meet. This means you must prove your fluency in both English and Spanish, and that Spanish is your native language.

In addition to this, you must have highly developed spelling and grammar skills in both English and Spanish. In addition to performing background checks and employment verification, we will also ask you to proofread several sample documents. This will prove that you have the attention to detail that this position requires.


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