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If you can provide quality translations from English to Chinese, you can practically write your own paychecks. There are many reasons that this skill is in such great demand. Here are just a few examples:

  • Tourism to China from English Speaking Countries is on The Rise
  • China Continues to be an Attractive Location For Manufacturing And Other Operations
  • Businesses in The United States And Other English Speaking Nations Are Interested in Engaging With China in The Import/Export Trade
  • Writers Movie Producers App Developers And Others Are Motivated to Reach Out to Chinese Speaking Audiences
  • Business And Other Students Are Interested in Attending University in China
  • Professionals Are Increasingly Aware of Job Opportunities on Chinese Soil
  • Politicians And Diplomats Need to be Able to Communicate With Chinese Citizens And Officials Effectively

One could go on and on. However, the point is this. More translation professionals than ever are needed to to translate a wide variety of materials from English to Chinese. These include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Contracts And Legal Agreements
  • Proof of Citizenship And Other Personal Documents
  • Manufacturing Specifications
  • Employment Documents
  • Technical Manuals

In addition to the wide range of written documents that clients need to have translated into Chinese, there are also increasing opportunities for those who can translate audio and video Content.


The requirements for each particular project vary greatly. However, most clients do prefer to use translators whose native language matches the one their materials must be translated into. Because of this, native Chinese speakers can expect to have more opportunities available to them. In some cases, the requirements might be even more specific. Not only will a client want a native speaker, they will want from who is form and has a high level of cultural familiarity with a specific region, maybe even a specific city.

On the other hand, many of the English to Chinese translation projects that exist are quite large. They often require a team or even multiple teams of translators and proofreaders. Because of the size of these projects and the frequent need to complete them quickly, there are opportunities available for non native speaking translators who are certified or have otherwise proven their abilities.

Anyone seeking work as an English to Chinese translator should expect to be subjected to some intensive background checking and testing. Many positions require that you have a college degree, however that is not always the case. Next, we wil cover the skills and certifications that you may need.

Skills And Certifications

The skills require for each translation project is going to vary greatly. A general translation job may simply require that you have a strong grasp of Chinese and English, and that you can demonstrate that grasp in writing and in speech. It is important to keep in mind that the process of translation usually requires more indepth knowledge and understanding.

Remember that the whole purpose of using human translators is to ensure that the meaning and intent in the original documents are not lost in the translation process. After all, a document might contain cultural references, anecdotes, and colloquialisms that don’t translate directly. A skilled translator will be able to recognize these things, inform the client of potential problems, and even suggest alternatives that will work for the target audience. This skill is especially valuable as there are so many cultural differences between Western and Chinese Culture.

Chinese translation jobs will often come with the requirement that the translator has experience and knowledge of  a specific business area. Consider medical translations as one example. A medical equipment manufacturer who wants to open up a factory in China cannot risk hiring any translator. They will need someone with a background and understanding of bio engineering and medical terminology. For example, a Chinese student studying medical technology in the United States might be a good prospect.

Many clients request that translators be certified. However, the sheer number of certifying agencies are too numerous to list. Many translators who live in the United States use the American Translator’s Association for gaining their certifications.

Here is something to keep in mind though. The most important thing that you can offer, beyond a translator’s certification is your ability to provide affidavits and other documents indication that the translations you have provided are accurate under penalty of law.


If you are a native Chinese speaker, there are many opportunities for you to work as a translator. Whether you are a freelancer or moonlighter, there are companies and individuals who would love to use your services.

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