Certified Translations From Native English Speakersfrom English (US) to German

Not all translation jobs are the same. Some simply require that the translator has the required education and experience to do the job. In other cases, the translations must be certified or the translator themselves post possess a certification from an agency.

There are many reasons for this. In some cases, government agencies require certification before they will accept any translated documents, or they have established laws that any translator working living in that country must be certified by a government organization or accredited agency. In other cases, industry related standards and regulations require certification. For example, if you are translating documents into English for a German manufacturing company, you must be familiar with the standards and regulations established by the DIN which sets those standards.

At TranslationDeal.com, we are always in the position to hire Native English speakers who are fluent in other languages, and who can provide certified translations to our clients.

Requirements For This Position

There are many agencies that provide certifications for Native English speakers. However, since the majority of our English speaking hires are from America, we definitely prefer that they are certified by the American Translator’s Association (ATA). This organization is well respected world wide. While not every project requires this certification, our hiring decisions will definitely go to those we meet this requirement.

In addition to having a translator’s certification, it is extremely important that English speaking translators are qualified, and willing to certify documents as being accurate and meeting any standards required by law, regulation, or industry standards. The specific requirements of this can vary depending on the type of document or industry. However, the document certification process usually involves creating an affidavit that states that the document is accurate and that it meets all requirements for acceptance. This is almost always accompanied with a guarantee that the translator submits the document under penalty of perjury or other potential consequences.

If you are a notary public, you are qualified to notarize the affidavits you create in order to certify your translations. Because of this, some hiring preference is given to those who are registered in the United States as notary publics.

Skills Required

Obviously, Native English translators must have been born in English speaking countries. In addition to this, they must be able to show that they are fluent in any language in which they wish to translate from. During our background checks and testing process, we will want to see proof of both written and spoken mastery.

In addition to this, certified translation positions are open only to those who can show that they have an understanding of the requirements to certify translated documents for various government agencies and industries. For example, if you want to provide certified translations for those wishing to immigrate to the United states, you must know what the INS requires as proof of validity when it comes to citizenship and identification documents.


When it comes to English speaking countries, tourism, trade, education, and other factors have created a high demand for English speaking translators who are capable of providing certified translations. If you are interested in working with us, we would love to hear from you.

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